Special And Innovative Transformers

In the European capital of culture there are brilliant realities that innovate customized processes, products and services. Among these it is possible to find AL Srl, a company that produces transformers and which is located in the La Martella industrial area.
A company that produces conventional and special electrical transformers, tailor-made on the basis of tailor-made specifications provided by the customer or experimental.
In this context, the further innovation was the introduction of the Internet of Things, which allows us to establish a dialogue between control sensors, customers and producers, in order to provide high standards of customer care, service and satisfaction. The 4.0 transformer is in fact a company patent, which aims at fault prevention and efficient monitoring of Made in Matera transformers. The customer can interface with its own transformers directly through the app ‘Transformer4.0’ developed by the iInformatica, with the work of Emilio Massa and Cristiano Di Gabriele, protagonists of the development.
‘Innovating with high quality standards is our mission’ – says in a note Rocco Chiechi, commercial director of the company AL – ‘tailor-made today makes the difference also in the transformer sector, and our challenge of Made in Matera by investing in research and innovation is already producing the first results’.